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Infants are offered many different experiences throughout each day. Whether they are spinning in a saucer, being rocked, playing with toys on a blanket or bouncing in a bouncy seat, our teachers will constantly be watching for the subtle clues that tell us it's time to change to the next activity. The infant room is bright and cheerful with many colorful decorations. It offers a mixture of quiet and loud toys, activities, and spaces. There are many soft places with soft toys and animals as well as baskets of rattles, blocks, trucks, dolls and books. All children, regardless of age, are read to each day. It is never too early to establish a lifelong love of books.

Infants are taken outside at least once a day, weather permitting. Our teachers support developmental milestones with each child as they learn and grow through their first year. We create a unique and stimulating environment of music, play, hands-on activities and language repetition. Most importantly, we use teachable moments that encourage learning and independence.


Wobblers are a unique mixture between baby and toddler. Their developmental
needs come from the transition that they are making as they grow each day. They are mobile, curious and active. They want to experience everything they see in the world around them. Although they are constantly interacting, most wobblers lack the verbal skills to communicate all their needs. For this reason they need teachers who know their individual style and body language as they continue to master communication skills. Wobblers are not ready for group-oriented activities such as circle time or organized games, instead they prefer to move through the classroom discovering, exploring and testing each new toy. We provide these wobblers with the materials, space, and supervision to be the free spirits that their developmental nature demands.


The core developmental goals for toddlers are socialization and interaction with their environment. Curious Kids offers toddlers an environment rich in choice. Choice helps the quickly developing toddler feel control over his or her life. Activities of all different kinds are offered daily. Such activities might include: using dramatic play toys, blocks or trucks, painting, coloring, singing, or playing outdoors, at the water tables or with books. Each day there is a gathering time where songs are sung and books are read. This is a time most toddlers enjoy. However, if they would rather play with blocks, they are given that option. A toddler's attention span is limited to about 5 to 10 minutes. Therefore a wide variety of toys and activities are offered at all times.


Young children excel and grow in an environment that is safe, nurturing and caring. Providing such an environment is our first priority in the PreSchool classroom. For many of our two and three year old's, this is their first experience in a group setting. Our teachers strive to make each child feel safe and secure.

This nurturing environment is further enhanced by a strong developmentally-appropriate curriculum. When you visit the room, look for a wide variety of exciting hands-on activities including art exploration, music, manipulative, and quiet reading areas. We structure our program in a way that provides each child with a range of activities to explore and learn from each day. Children at this age love to explore and learn new things. They enjoy participating in dramatic and sensory play, using their imaginations and developing their motor skills as they grow more independent each day.


The philosophy of Curious Kids encourages children to learn by playing. Our hands-on age-appropriate curriculum offers math, science, art, and literature activities that provide great experiences for our anxious learners as they prepare for the adventures of kindergarten.

Centers of free play are offered daily and give your child the opportunity to explore a variety of different activities. Examples of centers include free art, water table, dolls, puzzles, dress-up, blocks and literature. Although these centers are offered to all of the children, Pre-K students take their exploration one or two steps further.

Our students are well prepared for all of the challenges kindergarten has to offer. We continually work on listening skills, following directions, and social interactions. We practice taking turns, sharing, and being responsible for our actions and behavior. Teachers model how to problem-solve and negotiate. Most importantly, we, as educators, support and nurture each child as an individual, unique and special.

Kindergarten Prep

In our Kindergarten Prep classroom, fun and learning are integrated daily with the children. We offer several centers where the children learn through free play. These include: kitchen area, construction area, Lego table, table toys, science/math area, writing area, computer, easel and sensory table.

We engage children with an enriched curriculum to fully prepare them for Kindergarten. The curriculum includes themes with topics we focus on throughout the year along with a workbook for each child to help them to learn to write all of their letters.

The main focus in the classroom is to prepare your child for Kindergarten while they have fun! We are confident that when the children leave Kindergarten Prep, they will be ready for their Kindergarten adventures.

As the year comes to a close, the children get to show what they learned in class at graduation. Children are very proud of what they have accomplished and feel pride in sharing this with all their friends and family in a formal ceremony!


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